About Us

The initiative is aimed to provide a safe place for children to play their favorite games in the web, as well as to prevent them to access and drawn into unwanted online games environment. Therefore, we setup a team of kids working together with parents and educators to create websites of curated games for children. Each website is a specific-topic gallery of web-based games selected for a specific target group of children. The games listed are playable on-site, but originated from external game producer. 

We teamed up with Atigamedia to work for this project. We both are excited about the idea and are willing to push this idea forward in order to make more alternatives for children, as well as their parents, for safe and educational online games. The motto is to to provide children with safe and educational games yet fun to play.

A fun way to learn varieties of food, drink, and many things related to cooking.

Our initiative in Safe Games for Children, among other things, is trying to help parents with the selection of games that are not time-consuming with lower addictive level. Web-based games that are made with Flash and HTML 5 are suitable for that particular condition. However, playing online games in the Internet is getting more unsafe for everybody. Unfiltered game titles are common and mostly made to trap gamers to unwanted and harmful material for children. Therefore, we curated game titles that suit children's needs and special requirements. We hope that kids could go to this kind of game websites and play safe yet fun and educational games that they like. We asked real kids to collect games that they like, then several educators will filter and check those games based on its educational and safety aspects.

A topic of design and decorate where we collect games that are playable with plenty of learning aspects that kids could learn as they play.

There are several websites that have been created and there will be more to come. We welcome other parties to join us making this initiative moves even further with helping us to find more fun, safe and educational online games. We could help providing technical assistance to bring them to become a curated websites. You could also give us ideas and inputs on how to move forward, any idea would be warmly welcome.

We also accept donation to help us grow this service. Please click the Donate button through PayPal.

We thank you all for using this service and for all your support and help for this initiative. So much to do, so little we have done, you all will always be our sole inspiration to move forward.

Contact us only by email safegamesforchildren@gmail.com. Thank you!