How to Use This Service

Save Games for Children curated games from all around the Internet and put them into websites by certain topics. These topics are based on general children's interest in life. However, there are "girls only", and there are other topics that are suitable to all gender.

In each website, we collect many game titles and arrange them in a way to keep the children play inside it, and not going away to other location when they get bored. Please stay close to your children during playtime so that you can assist them anytime they need help, and most importantly to build a warm communication with them. It's fun to see what they can do with those games.

For parents, open up your mind during the playtime, because there are so many points in those games that you need to explain and to draw a line between what happens inside the game and what the real life is like. That is a very important learning process.

We are using Google AdSense to support our basic needs for operation. There are occasions when AdSense display ads that are not suitable for children. However AdSense is using a sophisticated targeted ads display technology aimed at providing ads that suits the visitor's profile. Please use your kids' own user account in the computer and the browser so that the ads that will be displayed are suitable for them.